Chances are, if you’re a huge James Bond fan you probably don’t need me to tell you to go out and see SPECTRE. That being said, if you’re not a huge James Bond fan (such as myself) you should continue reading this movie review. Spectre is the 24th Bond film and the 4th for actor Daniel Craig. I’ll just jump to the point and say that it’s not his best Bond film of the 4, either. However, that obviously does not mean that it’s a bad film or one not worth seeing. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but recognize that it has some flaws that its predecessors CASINO ROYALE and SKYFALL did not. Notice the lack of Quantum in that list…

Now that Halloween is over and you’re sick and tired of watching horror films, it’s finally time to break out some classic Christmas movies!!! Oh, wait. No it’s not. No Christmas movies until December, I promise. This week on What to Stream Right Now it’s all about the weird, so if you’re not into things a little bit stranger than usual, check out some iconic science fiction from last episode, or catch up on your geniuses from episode 6!

It’s a sad day for Water Cooler Talk. We had to watch the 2015 MLB season come to an end on Sunday night (or Monday morning rather). Today marks the official halfway mark in the regular season of the NFL…weren’t we just getting excited for the preseason? Water Cooler Talk was right on some predictions…but the guilt felt for missing on others weights heavily. Let’s try to turn those frowns upside down, and let’s get Water Cooler Talk on the right track for this week as we prepare you to be the sports guru of the office.