Forget spaghetti for brains and the same old boring costumes, these techy Halloween props and costumes will take fright night to a whole new level.

Digital Dudz

Digital Dudz are digital costumes without the hassle! Digital t-shirts are the way to go for the people who aren’t a fan of dressing up but don’t want to be the bore in the corner of the Halloween party.

Alternative Halloween Treats

Alternative Halloween Treats

When we think Halloween we think CANDY!!!!   Going door to door dressed up and getting lots of sugary goodness is any kids dream and sometimes a parent’s nightmare. What about those children who have dietary restrictions, but still want to participate in the fun?  Wouldn’t it be great if people started handing out healthier alternatives?  Below is a list of 10 alternatives to candy:


Friday, June 16
The Ranch: Parts 3 & 4 (2017) Netflix

Sunday, June 18
Grantchester: Season 3 (2017) 9 p.m., PBS