Can Serena Williams complete the Grand Slam?

Serena Williams is pursing a Grand Slam. A Grand Slam is when a player wins the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and U.S. Open. The last time someone won a Grand Slam was Steffi Graf in 1988.

Serena is a dominate athlete in her sport that we wonder why she has not won Grand Slams in the past. With a career record of winning over 730 singles, 22 doubles, 69 single titles, and has a winning percentage of 88% at grand slams and 85% in all other top matches. You would think that she would have gotten plenty of grand slams over the years.  This year she is ranked number 1, has came out on top in three opens, and there is only the U.S. open that she has yet to overcome.

With some remarkable players playing in this years open Williams will have her hands full. However, number 2 ranked player, Maria Sharapova, has withdrew from the tournament with a leg injury. Other candidates that could throw off Williams is Sloane Stephens (who beat her in 2013) and her sister, Venus. Over the next couple of weeks Williams is going to embark on her chase for the Grand Slam. Too be the only player that has gotten a Grand Slam in the past 27 years would be a great reward. So make sure you tune in to this history making competition to see if Williams can beat the competition, and achieve the Grand Slam Title. The U.S. Open has begun and will go until Sept 13th, make sure you don’t miss this “Grand” event!