Fiber Splicer – Two Harbors/Duluth, MN

Zito is looking for a full-time Fiber Splicer to be responsible for the terminating, splicing, documenting and testing
of all fiber optic cables within Zito Media’s fiber optic networks and their related equipment with the end goal of
providing maximum operating efficiency. Also responsible for customer premise installations, including racking,
cabling, bonding, and grounding. Coordinate fiber activities with other departments and the Manager of Outside
Plant. Perform ring cuts on live fiber without affecting existing services. Perform fiber tests with OTDRs, light
source and meters. Terminates, splices, bonds/grounds and tests fiber optic equipment to division standards.
Provides accurate equipment location, splicing and terminating records for the fiber database. Assists the
Construction and Engineering departments in accepting and turning up the fiber network. Builds bays, racking,
jumper ducts and other network elements needed for the installing of fiber optic equipment and patch and panels.
Monitor, communicate and perform corrective actions to fix problems affecting any fiber or fiber related
equipment. Install demarcation enclosures, switches and other telecom equipment.

Skills Required:
• Familiar with standards and best practices for premise entry and electronic equipment installation.
• Understanding of the technologies and standards as they apply to the installation of fiber optic networks.
• Ability to differentiate color codes, as well as read and understand manufacturer’s manuals for operating
and repairing of electronic equipment and components.
• Proficient in the operation of all related fiber tools and equipment.
• Working knowledge of design and layout for fiber terminations.
• Possess a good understanding of fiber documentation and have the ability to assist in laying out new fiber
• Possess good understanding of Direct Current and Alternating Current wiring and operation.
• Experience with bucket trucks and safety procedures.
• Basic courtesy, diplomatic abilities and a pleasant demeanor.
• Ability to communicate effectively with customers and other staff.
• Perform other related duties and tasks as assigned or as become evident.

Skills Preferred:
• 2+ years of outside plant fiber splicing and customer premise equipment installation.
• Experience with the following equipment: fusion splicer, mechanical splicer, OTDR, power meters, traffic
identifiers, digital multimeters, cleavers, strippers, buffer tube splitters, cable ring tools, hand tools,
toners, rodders, ladders, bucket trucks, etc.
• Ability to work under minimal supervision, within broad guidelines of procedures and goals, able to apply
technical expertise to a variety of situations, evaluating problems and implementing the best solutions.
• Work well under pressure and deadline environments.

Special Requirements:
• Ability to climb poles and ladders daily.
• Carry, set-up and extend ladders weighing up to 100 lbs.
• Confidence working in/on buckets, ladders and utility poles at heights of up to 40 feet.
• Ability to periodically lift up to 100 pounds.
• Use the standard tools of the trade (screwdrivers, wrenches, drills, strippers, crimpers, hammers, etc.) to
route cable, connect cable and install electronic equipment.
• Able to work a variety of schedules in order to provide needed coverage, for both normal duty and on-call
• Work indoors and outdoors in all types of weather.
• Sufficient visual and aural acuity to operate a variety of standard test and measurement equipment.


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