Zito Digital Cable and Internet Service in Muncy, Pennsylvania

Zito has you covered. Here is what’s offered in your community.

Available Services

  • High Speed Internet (speeds up to 100Mbps)
  • High Speed Internet (speeds up to 200Mbps)
  • High Speed Internet (speeds up to 400Mbps)
  • TV2GO
  • Digital Voice

Zito provides service to most locations in the 17756 ZIP Code. Contact our office to determine what services are available at your exact location.

For new service call 1-888-995-9486
For existing accounts call 1-800-365-6988

Prefer email, text, or live chat? Tap the “Contact” link at the top of any page.

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Zito Media has the top rated Internet service in 71 Pennsylvania communities.

Muncy, Pennsylvania cable television provider, Zito Media, offers the highest speed Internet service in Lycoming County. Packages include High-Speed Internet, HD Digital Video and VoIP home telephone service.

Cable Internet bundled with hundreds of channels of HiDef TV means you can watch all your local favorites, stream services such as Netflix and Hulu, game online and much more.

Local cable Internet is up to 30X faster than DSL, and far more stable than satellite Internet.

With a Zito Media cable modem, and your wireless router, your home or business can have the fastest WiFi service available. No more data limits on your mobile phone, and you can connect all your devices.

Imagine high-speed Internet streaming wirelessly connecting your entire home. You can connect:

  • Surf the web on your PC, tablet, or phone.
  • Download music and video faster than ever.
  • Connect your smart phone with no data restriction.
  • Watch YouTube or Netflix on your Smart TV.
  • Create an Internet connected home of the future.

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Zito Media serves the following Pennsylvania communities:

Call us at 800-365-6988 - Email Us at sales@zitomedia.com
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