Zito TV2Go

What is Zito TV2Go?

 ZitoTV2Go is an application that you can download on your smart TV, smart devices, FireTV Stick or Roku that allows you to stream live TV. The cost is $4.50/month on top of the cable subscription costs, and you can view it on up to seven (7) devices – more than double what DIRECTV Now or Sling TV offers.

What is Roku?

Roku stick is a device that turns your standard TV into a smart TV. These streaming boxes and sticks use your internet connection to allow you to watch shows and movies from online programs such as Zito TV Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime video and more- on your standard display.  With a one time cost from $30, Roku makes it extremely convenient for you to access your media. Contact Zito Media at 1-800-365-6988 to purchase one for $30, or buy your own and receive a one time credit of $15 from Zito Media.

What are the benefits of using Zito TV2Go?

  1. Stream and pause live TV on any smart device (Android, iOS or Roku) There are over 60 HD channels.
  2. Pair with any newer Roku device to turn your TV into a smart TV
  3. Watch any show within 72 hours of its broadcast with Replay TV
  4. Record up to 20 hours of programming on any registered device
  5. No more rental fee for cable box

How do I get the ZitoTV2Go App and make the switch?

If you own a standard TV and want to keep watching your channels on the TV, here are step by step instructions:

Step 1Contact us at 1-800-365-6988 to make the switch to the ZitoTV2Go App.

Step 2: Buy a Roku from a local store if you do not already own one. (You can easily find it on Google, Amazon or Walmart) and Zito Media will give you a $15 one-time credit for the purchase. Roku devices can be purchased directly from Zito Media for a one-time charge of $30.

We highly recommend purchasing the newer Roku sticks – like the Roku 4K Ultra HD HDR Media Streaming Stick+

Step 3: In order to use the Roku device, you must access the internet to register your device; type in: https://my.roku.com/signup  ⇒ On the sign-up page, type in your information to create a Roku account.

Step 4: Open the Roku box, follow the instructions enclosed to plug it in to the TV and sign in with your Roku account.
Or simply type the link bellow in your web browser for the simple step by step instructions to get your Roku set up: https://youtu.be/Bz5f4rkQ7Bw

Step 5: Once connected, turn on your TV and Roku by pressing the power button ⇒ At the Roku home screen, scroll down to “Add Channel” ⇒ Type in “ZitoTV2Go” ⇒ click “Add Channel” followed by “Ok”

Step 6:  Find the ZitoTV2Go App on your Roku home screen, hit “Ok” and log in with the following information:

User Name: Zito account holder’s last name. Example: “Thompson”

Password: The last 6 digits of your Zito Media billing account number. Example: “324567”
Device Name: Type in whatever name you like. Example: “Living Room TV”

⇒ Select “Register This Device”

Is there an instructional video to install Zito TV2Go?

Yes, please click HERE  to watch our step-by-step instructions

Is it true that I have to buy a Roku to receive my channel?

It depends. If you own a smart TV or watch TV on your mobile or table devices, then you do not need to buy a Roku. If you use a standard TV and want to keep watching your TV on it, then you need to buy a Roku device.

Do I pay Zito and Roku?

No. You only need to pay a one time fee of $30 if you want to purchase a Roku device from us or you can buy your own Roku and get a one time credit of $15 from Zito. After you get your Roku device and installed Zito TV2Go, you will only receive a monthly bill from Zito for your service subscriptions.

Which devices do it work on?

Zito TV2Go is compatible with most Android, iOS and Roku devices