Policies and Practices


We’ve designed our Notice to help you with any questions you may have regarding your video service. We follow various policies and practices when providing your video services. We summarize in this Notice the policies and practices that directly affect you. We may change these policies and practices in the future and, if that occurs, we will notify you. We regularly review our services, policies and practices as part of our commitment to improve the quality of services we provide to our subscribers. We will send you a written, electronic or other appropriate notice informing you of any changes and the effective date of those changes. If you find the change unacceptable, you have the right to cancel your service; however, if you continue to receive services after the effective date of any change, we will consider that your acceptance of the change.

Zito Media is committed to providing you exceptional service to give you the finest hybrid fiber coax system possible. We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to serving all of your communications and entertainment needs.


Zito Media offers various video services at rates and fees more particularly described at our website at www.zitomedia.com. For current program offerings, channel lineups, and rates, please refer to this website or call us at 800-365-6988 (toll free). We will mail this information to you upon request.

How to Use Your Cable Service and Equipment Compatibility Notification


Zito Media offers Broadcast Basic service in some of our communities. Broadcast Basic Service is the lowest level of service available from Zito Media. It carries the over the air broadcast channels. Certain areas offer digital Broadcast Basic Service. You may use an existing or purchase a Roku or Firestick and subscribe to Zito Media TV2Go. Other areas offer Basic Service as the lowest level of service and include broadcast channels as well as many other popular channels. Please check www.zitomedia.com for
levels of service available in your area.

VIEWING DIGITAL BASIC TIER Customers in many areas have the option of purchasing Digital Basic Tier services. You must subscribe to Basic Service with TV2Go in order to receive the digital basic tier. If you have questions on whether digital basic is available in your area, please contact us at 800-365-6988 or view our listings at www.zitomedia.com.

PARENTAL CONTROL FEATURE There is a parental control feature within the TV2Go app. Its available for set up in the table on the right-hand side. It has a PIN setting for users to prevent watching of certain programming.

INTERACTIVE PROGRAM GUIDE The Interactive Program Guide is available within TV2Go. This on-screen guide lists programs for services offered on our system. Listings can be sorted by time, program category or channel. If you have questions regarding the guide, you can contact us at 800-365-6988.

WEBSITE INFORMATION For the most current information regarding terms of service, customer service, rate information and channel line-ups, please visit us at: www.zitomedia.com.

Billing and Complaint Procedures

CONTACT US You can contact us by calling toll free 800-365-6988. A representative will be available to take your call Monday through Sunday, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. In the event of an unforeseen circumstance, the access line may be answered by an automated response. You can also text between 9am-9pm 7 days a week at 814-200- 0728, send a request through our Facebook page (facebook.com/myzitomedia) or through an email to support@zitomedia.com

BILLING PROCEDURES Zito Media will mail or electronically mail a statement to you monthly. It will include an itemization of the amount due for the current billing cycle plus past due amounts from the previous billing cycle, if any. The total of the amounts is the amount due to the company. Your monthly billing cycle is dependent on your date of activation. Customers receiving a paper billing statement are charged a fee of $1.50/month to cover the cost of production and delivery. Customers not wanting a fee for paper billing can receive an electronic version of their statement via email. In any case where a customer requests a cancellation or reduction of service within thirty (30) days after the notification of a scheduled rate or charge adjustment, then the customer’s liability for the newly implemented rate or charge shall cease from the moment that the rate or charge adjustment becomes effective.

PAYMENT DUE DATE Statements will be mailed monthly and require payment within 20 days after the bill date. Accounts with a delinquent balance will be assessed a late fee of up to $7.00. The late fee policy protects our current paying subscribers, who otherwise would be subsidizing increased costs caused by late-paying customers. Because it would be impractical or very difficult to ascertain or accurately estimate the damages suffered by Zito Media in the event a customer pays less than the full amount of his/her account, Zito Media has endeavored to fix fair compensation to Zito Media in the form of the late fee that bears a reasonable relation to probable damages suffered by Zito Media, and is not disproportionate to any damages reasonably to be anticipated from the payment of less than the full amount of your account.

PAYMENT OPTIONS Zito Media offers several convenient methods to pay your monthly invoice:

  • Return envelope enclosed with your statement.
  • Payment Office or drop box location where applicable, please see our website for locations and hours.
  • Payment by telephone with your Visa, MasterCard or ACH with an agent or through the automated IVR. Those made with an agent may incur an additional processing charge.
  • Automatic payment via your bank account, Visa or MasterCard.
  • Payment may be made online at www.zitomedia.net.

DECLINED PAYMENT POLICY We charge customers $30.00 for each declined payment transaction.

DISCONNECTION OF SERVICE AND REFUNDS Zito Media will promptly disconnect your service upon request. Generally, disconnects will be processed that day unless otherwise specified. You are responsible for all service charges until we disconnect your service and may be asked for final payment at time of disconnect. Customers who have pre-paid for service are entitled to a full refund of any whole months of service paid for but not used; partial months and installation fees are non-refundable. Early cancellation of services provided under the 2yr service agreement discount promotion will result in a fee of $20 per month for each of the remaining months.

disconnect your service if you do not pay any bill after the company has given you written notice of its intent to disconnect. Before restoring service after being disconnected for non-payment, Zito Media may require payment of the full balance owed to Zito Media, a security deposit, the published reconnection charge and any applicable franchise fees, taxes and any other applicable charges. On the day of the scheduled disconnect, Zito Media will allow a customer to pay the entire past due balance, including any applicable collection, deposit or other charges, directly to the Zito Media technician prior to completion of the physical disconnect. Disconnected customers who elect to remain disconnected are legally responsible for payment of all past due amounts, as well as for the safe return of all company property. The company reserves the right to pursue all legal remedies to enforce payment for company equipment, unless the equipment is returned in good working condition.

CREDITS FOR SERVICE OUTAGES Upon request, Zito Media will issue credit for certain system outages not resulting in part or entirely from circumstances beyond Zito Media’s reasonable control that exceed one-service day in duration to affected customers applying for such credit. The credit amount is determined based on the customer’s monthly services, the number of services affected and the total outage time.

Customers may request credit by telephone or in writing within thirty (30) days of the outage. The company will not issue credit if prevented from gaining access to its equipment to fix the problem. Credits are issued no later than the next billing cycle, following a determination that credit is warranted.

CHANGES OF SERVICE Customers may order additional services offered by Zito Media by calling 800-365-6988. Customers have the right to rescind their order for new services without charge prior to installation or activation. Billing will begin at the time the service is activated on the customer’s account. Customers who participate in a promotional offer with a discount on monthly service fees will revert back to the standard monthly fee for the service at the end of the promotional period unless the customer terminates the service. A downgrade fee of $25 will apply to removal of partial services.

COMPLAINT RESOLUTION You can report any performance issues with your service, including the quality of the television signal delivered by us, to our telephone number, 800-365-6988 (toll free). You may also address questions in writing to Zito Media,
P.O. Box 665, Coudersport, PA 16915 or to Zito Media at support@zitomedia.net. Investigative action will be initiated on the same day, if possible, but in no case later than the following business day. Zito Media’s highly trained staff is able to handle the vast majority of questions over the phone and initiate corrective action:

If a billing dispute occurs, customers have thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the bill to register a written dispute and are required to pay the undisputed amount.
When a complaint is registered in writing, Zito Media will submit a written reply within thirty
(30) working days of receipt. The reply will include a statement of action taken, description of future work needed to resolve any issue or an explanation why the complaint is unjustified or outside the jurisdiction of the company.
If you are dissatisfied with our handling of your complaint, you can also contact the local franchising authority at the addresses printed on the back of your billing statement.

Installation and Service Maintenance Policies

INSTALLATIONS Under normal operating conditions, installations located within 150 feet from the existing distribution system are performed within seven (7) business days after an order has been placed.

normal operating conditions, except for special promotions, pay-per-view events, rate increases, seasonal demand periods, and maintenance or upgrade of the system:

  • the “appointment window” alternatives for installations, service calls, and other installation activities will be either a specific time or, at maximum, a four-hour time block during normal business hours. Service calls and other installation activities may be scheduled outside of normal business hours for the express convenience of the customer.
  • Zito Media will not cancel an appointment with a customer after the close of business on the business day prior to the scheduled appointment. If our technician is running late for an appointment with a customer and will not be able to keep the appointment as scheduled, the Zito Media technician will promptly contact the customer. The appointment will be rescheduled, as necessary, at a time certain that is convenient for the customer.In the event access to the customer’s premises is not available when the technician arrives during the established appointment window, the technician will leave written notification stating the time of arrival and requesting that the customer contact Zito Media to establish a new appointment window.

SERVICE CALL CHARGES Service calls required to resolve a service problem are provided at no cost to the customer. Customers may be charged the applicable fee for service calls caused by (1) customer negligence, (2) destruction of or tampering with company’s equipment, (3) improperly connected or malfunctioning computers, video games or other customer equipment, or (4) a problem not within the control of Zito Media.

RESPONSE TIMES Excluding situations beyond our control and under normal operating conditions, except for special promotions, pay-per-view events, rate increases, seasonal or monthly demand periods, and maintenance or upgrade of the system, Zito Media will begin working on a customer service interruption promptly and in no event later than twenty-four (24) hours after becoming aware of the interruption.

Programming Blackouts

Occasionally, we are required by federal law to block the cable casting of certain scheduled programs. These “blackouts” usually affect sporting events. Sports blackouts are usually imposed to protect: (i) the local sports team’s ability to attract a live audience; and (ii) the television rights revenue by preventing duplication of any event by multiple carriers. In each case, one network is designated as the exclusive carrier of an event of a specific sports team. The exclusive network has arranged for this privilege at its own expense. FCC regulations require us to black out all other carriers of these events.

Cable Privacy Act, Customer Privacy Rights Notice

We at Zito Media (“we” or “us”) are providing this Notice to inform you of our practices regarding personally identifiable information that may be collected in the course of providing services to you over our cable system, including video programming services, ISP Services and telephony services (“cable-based services”). Not all services may be available in your particular geographic area. This Notice is being provided in accordance with the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 (the “Cable Act”). Additionally, this Notice also makes reference to the Electronic Communications Policy Act of 1986, as amended (“ECPA”), which is applicable if you are a subscriber to our ISP service provided over our cable system (an “ISP Service”) or telephony services, and the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act of 1998 (“Copyright Act”), which is also applicable if you are a subscriber to our ISP Service.

This Notice pertains to personally identifiable information about you that you have furnished to us, or that we have collected, in connection with the provision of cable- based services to you. The provisions of this Notice also apply as indicated herein to personally identifiable information that you have furnished to us or that we have collected in connection with our provision of ISP Service. Personally identifiable information does not include aggregate data that does not identify you.

The Cable Act’s subscriber privacy provisions apply to cable operators, as defined in the privacy provisions of the Cable Act (“Cable Operators”), providing cable and other services over their systems. ISPs available over our cable system may provide subscribers with other information concerning their general privacy practices through additional policies and notices, which will continue to apply unless inconsistent with this Notice. You may wish to review these additional policies and notices.

You should also be aware that most of the content and applications provided through your ISP service are provided by third parties, and that by accessing the online content of these third parties you may cause or enable the transmission by the system to them of personally identifiable information. The policies described in this Notice do not apply to such third parties. These third parties may have their own privacy policies, which you may also want to review.

The following areas are covered by this Notice:

  • The nature of personally identifiable information collected about you and the way such information is used;
  • The nature, frequency, and purpose of any disclosure that may be made of such information;
  • Disclosure of information to governmental entities and through legal process;
  • The period of time such information will be maintained;
  • Your online communications on your ISP Service;
  • The times and place you may have access to the information collected; and Your rights under the Cable Act.
  • Collection and Use of Personally Identifiable Information In the course of providing efficient service to you, we collect the following types of information about you that may constitute personally identifiable information: your name, home, email and work address, telephone numbers, social security number, credit information, and bank account and credit card information used to pay for our services. Depending on the services we provide to you, our records also may include information on billing, payment, damage and security deposits, maintenance and repairs. We may remotely check your PC to the extent necessary to determine whether it is susceptible to unauthorized access or the dissemination of computer viruses. We may also keep records of research concerning subscriber satisfaction with our services, which are obtained from subscriber interviews and questionnaires. Additionally, we may have a record of whether you rent or own your home in the event that landlord permission is required prior to installing our cable facilities. We also maintain copies of our correspondence with our subscribers (via e-mail or otherwise) and, if you are an ISP Service subscriber, we may keep records of violations and alleged violations of your Cable Subscription Terms and Conditions (your “Subscription Agreement”) and other rules governing your use of the ISP Service, including, but not limited to, the Acceptable Use Policy. Finally, we may sometimes obtain from third parties publicly available information about our subscribers.

The information described in the preceding paragraph is used for purposes such as the following: to make sure you are being billed properly for the services you receive; to send you pertinent information about our services; to maintain or improve the quality of our services; to answer questions from subscribers (i.e., for troubleshooting); to ensure compliance with relevant law and contractual provisions; to market cable or other services or products that you may be interested in; and for tax and accounting purposes.

Our system, in delivering and routing the ISP Services, may automatically log information concerning Internet addresses you contact, and the duration of your visits to such addresses. We do not use or disclose any personally identifiable information that may be derived from these logs for marketing, advertising or similar purposes. We, in providing the ISP Service to you, also have access to personally identifiable information about you or your ISP account, including the name and address associated with a given IP address or, possibly, one or more e-mail accounts. You have consented, in your Subscription Agreement, to the collection of personally identifiable information as described in this paragraph.

In addition, if you use a telephony service we provide, then as a necessary incident of providing that service, our computer systems automatically capture and store information that may include, but is not limited to, the dates, times and length of your calls, as well as the telephone numbers that you communicate with. Any personally identifiable information that may be derived is subject to the policies described in this Notice and to our obligations under the ECPA and other applicable law.

Under the Cable Act, a Cable Operator may also collect personally identifiable information over a cable system without subscribers’ consent if it is necessary to provide services to subscribers, or to prevent unauthorized access to services or subscriber data.

The types of persons to whom information about you may be disclosed by us in the course of providing cable service to you include our employees and those of our related legal entities, agents, repair and installation subcontractors, sales representatives, accountants, billing and collection services and credit reporting agencies, consumer and market research firms, and authorized representatives of governmental bodies. Also, upon reasonable request, personally identifiable information is disclosed to persons or entities with an equity interest in legal entities related to us when they have a legal right to inspect our books and records.

In addition, if you are an ISP Service subscriber, information, including personally identifiable information, may be shared between Operator and your ISP in providing the ISP Service. The types of persons to whom information about you may be disclosed in the course of providing an ISP Service to you may include, in addition to those persons listed above, your ISP and its employees or other entities who provide content and/or services to the ISP Service or to you via the ISP Service.

Information for billing purposes is generally provided by Operator on a monthly basis. Information for other purposes is provided by Operator as it is needed.

Unless you object, the Cable Act also permits Cable Operators to disclose personally identifiable information to others, such as advertisers and direct mail or telemarketers, for non-cable related purposes. Under the Cable Act, any disclosures for purposes other than as described in the first three paragraphs of this Section 2 and in Section 3 of this Notice is limited to the following “mailing list information”: your name, address and the particular services to which you subscribe (e.g., HBO or other premium channels or tiers of service). In addition, Operator may add to its mailing list publicly available information about subscribers that is obtained from third parties. Mailing list information cannot include the extent of your viewing or use of a particular service, including the extent of your use of any ISP Service, or the nature of any transaction you make over the cable system. Operator may disclose such mailing list information from time to time. If you wish to have us remove you from our mailing list, please notify us in writing at the main office of your local Operator.

In addition to any disclosures permitted in the first paragraph of this Section 2, ISPs provided over our cable system may also disclose, pursuant to the consent you granted in your Subscription Agreement, the personally identifiable information described in Section 1 in connection with the provision of services to you, in order to fulfill transactions that you request, to personalize your online experience, to comply with criminal or civil legal

process (including as described in Section 3 of this Notice), and as otherwise necessary in the ordinary course of their businesses. For example, such ISPs may disclose your personally identifiable information routinely to their employees, agents and contractors to maintain, market, provide, and audit your ISP Service; to outside auditors to check their records; to attorneys and accountants as necessary to render services to such ISPs; and to merchants from whom you make purchases. The frequency of such disclosures varies according to business needs. The names and addresses of subscribers to ISPs provided over our cable system may also be disclosed to selected companies in order to provide you direct mail product and service offers, subject to the marketing preferences you may select when using your ISP Service. In disclosing name and address information for such purposes, such ISPs may combine these lists with publicly available information (such as census and household information), or segment them (i.e., create separate sub-lists) based on such publicly available information or on other information (such as when the subscriber began using the ISP service, or the subscriber’s computer type).

If you are a subscriber to an ISP Service or telephony services, ECPA requires us to reveal information to the government in certain additional circumstances. ECPA addresses both the content of communications as well as subscriber record information. ECPA requires us to disclose to governmental authorities the content of communications in response to a criminal warrant or court order without any notice to you and without your consent.

In addition, under ECPA the government may require us to disclose subscriber record information (but not the content of communications) pursuant to a warrant, court order or subpoena without any notice to you and without your consent.

If you subscribe to an ISP Service, a private party may use a subpoena under the Copyright Act to obtain information about you to maintain a copyright infringement suit against the poster of online material, without any notice to you.

In your Subscription Agreement, you have agreed that we may also disclose any information in our possession to protect our rights, property and/or operations, or where circumstances suggest that individual or public safety is in peril.

  • Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information Personally identifiable information that we maintain related to our subscribers will be disclosed by us without the prior written or electronic consent of subscribers only if: (1) it is necessary to render, or conduct a legitimate business related to, the services that are provided to you; (2) such disclosure is required by law or legal process as described below; or (3) for mailing lists as described below.
  • Disclosure of Information to Government Entities and Other Legal Process Federal law requires us to disclose personally identifiable information to a governmental entity or other third party pursuant to a court order. If the court order is sought by a governmental entity, the Cable Act requires that you be afforded the opportunity to contest in court any claims made in support of the court order sought. At such a proceeding, the Cable Act requires the governmental entity to offer clear and convincing evidence that the subject of the information is reasonably suspected of engaging in criminal activity and that the information sought would be material evidence in the case. In addition, pursuant to an administrative subpoena, state welfare agencies may obtain the names and addresses of individuals as they appear in the subscriber records of cable companies with respect to those who owe, or are owed, welfare support. Such information may be obtained without a court order and does not require that a subscriber be given notice of and the opportunity to contest the disclosure.
  • Time Period That We Retain Personally Identifiable Information We maintain personally identifiable information about subscribers for as long as it is necessary for business purposes. This period of time lasts as long as you are a subscriber and up to fifteen additional years so that we can comply with tax and accounting requirements. We store customer information in a secured database. Any payment information is also tokenized to protect the customer from theft and/or improper use.
  • Your Online Communications on an ISP Service In addition to the situations described in Section 3, ECPA provides for other exceptional circumstances under which we may be compelled to disclose information about you or your communications, or are permitted to disclose such information. For example, such information may be disclosed to law enforcement if it appears to be evidence of child pornography, or was inadvertently obtained and appears to pertain to a crime. Such disclosure is also permitted to an addressee or intended recipient (or his or her agent), or to a person involved in forwarding such information to its destination; when it is necessarily incident to providing service or to protect our rights or property; to others with your consent or the consent of an addressee or intended recipient (or his or her agent) of
    communications sent by you; or as otherwise provided for by law.
  • Access to Records Under the Cable Act, you have the right to inspect our records that contain personally identifiable information about you and correct any errors in such information. If you wish to inspect these records, please notify us in writing and an appointment at our business office will be arranged during our regular business hours.

Your Rights Under the Cable Act The Cable Act provides you with a cause of action for damages, attorneys’ fees and costs in Federal District Court should you believe that any of the Cable Act’s limitations on the collection, disclosure, and retention of personally identifiable information have been violated by us.

Oversight If you have comments or questions about our privacy policy, please email us at support@zitomedia.net.