Stop waiting on slow connections! With cable internet, you have a constant, reliable connection that you can trust to get stuff done. Experience faster browsing, seamless streaming, and intense gaming with download speeds up to 200 Mbps and packages at affordable prices.

  • Home WiFi Networking
  • Zito WiFi Hotspots
  • Bundle with Zito TV2GO
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Take entertainment to new heights with Zito's HD digital cable! Choose a package with local channels, up to 80 HD channels, and local sports and entertainment. Zito's TV2GO App connects with your video subscription so you can pause live TV, replay shows in the past, and record up to 20 hours!

  • Up to 80 HD Channels
  • On-Screen Program Guide
  • Multiple Device Viewing
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Stay connected with Zito's VoIP Phone! With digital voice, you don't have to sacrifice functionality. Since our phone services are software-based and run over the internet instead of physical phone lines, we can provide a more cost-effective product loaded with all your favorite features.

  • Unlimited Local Calls & Long Distance
  • Visual Voicemail
  • SoftPhone App
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