Fast, affordable access for all.

If the other guys say you’re not in their service area, there’s a good
chance you’re in ours. For rural and small town customers, Zito internet,
video, and phone service puts fast, affordable access within reach.

Plans starting from $29.95

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For every successful referral, you will receive $25 off for 4 months, up to 4 total referrals!

  • One successful referral: $25 off for 4 months ($100 total)
  • Two successful referrals: $25 off for 8 months ($200 total)
  • Three successful referrals: $25 off for 12 months ($300 total)
  • Four successful referrals: $25 off for 16 months ($400 total)

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New, Lower Prices

We're introducing lower prices for new customers on all speed tiers

  • Super Speed (100 Mbps): $29.95 / month for 6 months
  • Ultra Speed (200 Mbps): $39.95 / month for 6 months
  • Gig Speed (1 Gbps): $49.95 / month for 6 months

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However you need to connect, Zito has you covered with individual
services and discounted packages.


  • Blazing 100-Mbps to 1-Gbps connection speeds/pricing options
  • Reliable connection and performance
  • No data cap on 200 Mbps plans and up
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  • HD Digital Cable Up to 80 HD channels
  • Local sports and entertainment
  • Multiple device viewing
  • TV2GO app access
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  • VoIP phone service
  • Unlimited local and long distance calls
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Keep your phone number (in most areas)
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