Zito Media Tv2Go Instructions

Zito Media Tv2Go Instructions & Support

Download Step-by-Step Instruction for FireTV Stick 4K and ZitoTV2GO

Zito TV2Go Instructional Videos

  1. How To Install Zito TV2Go On My Roku
  2. How To Log In To Zito TV2Go
  3. How To Move Zito TV2Go To The Top Of My Roku Home Screen
  4. How to Record and View Recorded Programs
  5. How to Use Zito TV2Go Functions
  6. How To Add A Channel To Favorites On Zito TV2Go

What is Zito TV2GO?

ZitoTV2Go is an application that you can download on your smart TV, smart devices, FireTV Stick or Roku that allows you to stream live TV. The cost is $4.50/month on top of the cable subscription costs, and you can view it on up to seven (7) devices – more than double what DIRECTV Now or Sling TV offers.

What is A Roku?

Roku stick is a device that turns your standard TV into a smart TV. These streaming boxes and sticks use your internet connection to allow you to watch shows and movies from online programs such as Zito TV, Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime video, and more- on your standard display. With a one time cost of $30, Roku makes it extremely convenient for you to access your media. Contact Zito Media at 1-800-365-6988 to purchase one for $30, or buy your own and receive a one time credit of $15 from Zito Media.

Benefits of Using Zito TV2Go

  1. Stream and pause live TV on any smart device (Android, iOS, or Roku) There are over 60 HD channels.
  2. Pair with any newer Roku device to turn your TV into a smart TV
  3. Watch any show within 72 hours of its broadcast with Replay TV
  4. Record up to 20 hours of programming on any registered device
  5. No more rental fee for cable box

Finding Your Zito TV2Go Username and Password

Your Zito TV2Go username is the last name of the Zito account holder. For example: If the Zito account holder’s name is Amy Lee. Your TV2Go user name would be: Lee
Your password is the first 6 or 7 digits of your account number. Up to, but not including the dash. (ex 2054367-091 would be 2054367)
If you do not have the information above or if you want to check for accuracy – you should be able to find it on your monthly Zito bill.

How to Get the ZitoTV2Go App

If you own a standard TV and want to keep watching your favorite shows without purchasing a smart TV, the Zito TV2Go app is the solution for you. All you need is an internet connection and a streaming device like Roku or a Fire Stick.

  1. If you would like to use a Roku device, you must create a Roku account at https://my.roku.com/signup or login to your existing Roku account if you have one already.
  2. Plug the Roku device into the HDMI port on your TV. Follow the setup instructions for your Roku, connect to your internet, and then search for ZitoTV2GO App.
  3. Download the ZitoTV2Go App and login using your account information (see the section above for information about finding your login credentials).
  4. If you do not have a Roku or do not want to use one, you can download the Zito TV2Go App directly from the App Store for any iOS or Android devices, such as your phone or tablet.

Do I pay Zito and Roku?

No. You only need to pay a one-time fee of $30 if you want to purchase a Roku device from us or you can buy your own Roku and get a one time credit of $15 from Zito. After you get your Roku device and installed Zito TV2Go, you will only receive a monthly bill from Zito for your service subscriptions.

Compatible Devices

Zito TV2Go is compatible with most Android, iOS, and Roku devices.

Is Zito internet required?

Yes, it is required that you have Zito internet service to use Zito TV2Go. If you do not have Zito internet service, please call us at 1-877-983-2033 for assistance.

Recommended Roku Devices

We highly recommend the Roku 4K Ultra HD HDR Media Streaming Stick+. However, other Roku devices can also be compatible with Zito TV2Go.

If TV does not accommodate the Roku stick plugin

You can order a free HDMI extender at myroku.com/HDMI. Once you’ve plugged the extender into your TV, you should be able to plug the Roku stick to the extender and set your Roku up like normal.

Do I need a Roku remote if I have a smart TV?

It depends. If you can access a digital application (App) store on your TV such as Google Play or Apple App Store to install the Zito TV2Go App then you do not need a Roku, but if your TV does not have an App store, you will still need to purchase a Roku.

Recording, Replay, and Adding Channels to Favorites

To record: After logging in to your Zito TV2Go App, navigate to “Guide” on your left-hand side, then use the directional button to navigate to the program that you would like to record. Then, press the “*” button on your Roku remote and press “Ok” on “Record.” If you want to record all the series of the program, press “Ok” on “Record Series”.
To replay: To watch your recorded programs, on the home screen of Zito TV2Go, navigate to “Recordings” on your left to view all the programs that you have recorded. If you did not record the program and want to replay a program within 72 hours of its original broadcast, simply go to “Guide” on you Zito TV2Go home screen and use the directional buttons on your Roku remote to go back to the program that you would like to watch, then press “Ok” to view.
To add a channel to your favorite: Go to “Channel Lineup” on your Zito TV2Go home screen. Navigate to the channel that you’d like to add to your favorite, press “*” on your Roku remote. Select “Add to favorite”.