Zito Media is seeking applicants for a Service Installation Technician to perform routine installations; disconnects; and troubleshooting of cable, high-speed internet, phone services and end user equipment. Must maintain performance standards in all duties of a service technician and instruct subscribers in general use of company equipment and services as needed. This position will require on-call evenings and weekends when scheduled or needed.  Prior experience preferred, but willing to train the right candidate.


Zito Media participated in a Summer Intern program through Workforce Solutions for North Central PA, which allowed local undergrads from around the area to work in Coudersport and apply their skills in a “real-world” work environment at the Zito Corporate Headquarters.  The program supports the youth in our region to enable more undergrads to connect with local employers as well as give back to their communities.

Mystery Shopper

Show me the Money-Making apps, that is!  There are a plethora of apps these days that pay per survey or help you save on your receipts – have you tried any that you’re a fan of and have actually reaped results from?  I’ve been using Google Opinion Rewards for a few years now, and I must say, having a little bank of Google Play Money has come in quite handy!  I was skeptical in the beginning that it would be worth my time and that I’d actually keep up with it long-term, but it’s so easy to build up rewards just by answering questions, that it’s foolproof!