Refer a Friend Rewards Program

Referral Rewards Program

Welcome to the Zito Media Referral Rewards Program

We are delighted to introduce our Referral Rewards program. This initiative allows you to share the benefits of Zito Media services with friends while earning discounts for your own subscription.

Referral Incentives:

  • For every successful referral, you will receive $25 off for 4 months, up to 4 total referrals.
  • One successful referral: $25 off for 4 months ($100 total)
  • Two successful referrals: $25 off for 8 months ($200 total)
  • Three successful referrals: $25 off for 12 months ($300 total)
  • Four successful referrals: $25 off for 16 months ($400 total)
  • Discounts will be applied in June 2024.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Your Standing: You must be an active Zito Media customer at the time of the referral activation and maintain good standing with your account.
  • Referred friends must not have been Zito Media customers in the last 90 days to qualify for the referral program.
  • Friend’s Customer Standing: For the discount to be awarded to you, the referred friend must maintain good standing for 30 days after activation.
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How to Receive Your Discount:

  • Instruct your friend to call us at 1-888-995-9486, providing our Sales Representative with your name, address, and the Referral Code “ZITOMEDIA24.” Make sure they provide your information and the code, otherwise the discount cannot be applied.
  • Once your referred friend activates their service with Zito Media, the 30-day window for discount eligibility begins.
  • After the initial 30 days, your well-deserved discount will be applied.