Welcome to another installment of Zito’s What to Watch Right Now! I sure hope you have Netflix, because… well, I’m nearly certain you have Netflix if you’re reading this. But anyway, this week I’m recommending a few Netflix originals that are sure to keep you up all night.



beasts-of-no-nation-1140x641This year, Netflix released their first-ever original movie, BEASTS OF NO NATION, starring Idris Elba alongside a handful of first time, child actors who each amazed me. One such child was Abraham Atta, who played the main character, Agu. Agu is a young child from a small village in an unnamed African country that is being ravaged by a civil war between the oppressive government and the violent and cruel rebels. The war finally makes it to their peaceful village, where Agu is ripped away from his family and forced to become a soldier in the rebel army. What follows is certain to make even the manliest of men cry buckets of tears.

While Beasts is a fictional story, set in a fictional country, the events that transpire are true and happen to children every day in that part of the world. Because of this, the film is not easy to watch. It’s violent and brutal and sickening, because we read these stories and hear about these terrible events in the news. Some of you may not be able to get through Beasts of No Nation, but I recommend it to you because sometimes we must watch movies such as this that remind us of the real tragedies occurring on the other side of the planet. Also, Idris Ebla knocks it out of the park again.



Master-of-None-Poster-629x360Netflix’s newest original series stars and is co-created and co-written by Aziz Ansari. Aziz plays a 30-year-old commercial actor named Dev, struggling to break into films, while also attempting to find a relationship and meaning in his adult life. Each episode seems to tackle an important cultural question, to which Dev is lacking the answer (hence the name of the show, I think). It’s brilliant. It’s hilariously written and acted, with an incredible supporting cast including TIM AND ERIC’S, Tim Wareheim, Noel Wells, and even a short appearance by Claire Danes! While each episode plays independently of the others, there is a season long arc, following the developing relationship between Dev and a girl named Rachel, whom we meet in an awkward yet hysterical opening scene in episode one. However, at the end of each episode, I found myself craving to know what kind of shenanigans Dev and his friends would get into next.

And that’s how I spent one evening watching all 10 episodes of the season. So if you’re looking for a new show to invest in, I highly recommend MASTER OF NONE. The season ends in a really unique way that is already making me incredibly excited for a season two. And based on the fan and critic reviews alike, season two should be a sure thing.