This week on What To Stream Right Now we’re discussing a movie and tv show about geniuses! Because who doesn’t want to be one…

GOOD WILL HUNTING – Dir. Gus Van Sant (1997) IMDb

726_GoodWillHunting_Catalog_Poster-BB_v2_ApprovedWill Hunting (played by Matt Damon) is a young janitor at M.I.T, but as you could probably guess, he’s also something of a math genius. However, he can’t seem to find direction in his life and looks to psychologist Sean Maguire (played by the late Robin Williams) for help. They form a unique relationship, which quickly transforms into a wonderful friendship.

I watched this film for the first time shortly after the death of Robin Williams, because I had heard from numerous people that this was one of his most endearing roles. And even with the vast number of amazing films he’s been in, that statement isn’t necessarily far from the truth. Both Williams and Damon give some of their best performances in this film. Williams’ performance even snagged him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. It’s simply a touching story that’s well directed and well written. Damon and Ben Affleck, who also has an amazing role, wrote GOOD WILL HUNTING together, winning them their own Oscars at the ages of 27 and 25, respectively.   Luckily for you, you’ll only cry a few times while watching this, but I promise it has a happy ending!

SHERLOCK – Three Seasons (2010 -) IMDb

91qt73QkZqL._SL1500_It goes without saying, but this genius is much less heart warming than good ole, Will Hunting. BBC’s SHERLOCK stars Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game, Star Trek Into Darkness) as the title character and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit trilogy, Fargo) as his trusty “sidekick”, Doctor John Watson. But unlike other Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adaptations, this variation is set in modern day London. That one simple twist in the narrative proves to be the most important piece of creating a refreshing and entertaining series from the stories we all know and love.

Steven Moffat created the show along with actor/writer Mark Gatiss, so you can be sure to enjoy Sherlock’s witty cynicism if you’ve ever enjoyed a more recent episode of DOCTOR WHO. Along with that, Sherlock plays as an interesting counter part to our beloved, Doctor. Both characters seem to figure impossible things out through intellect and intuition, but where one is whimsy and alien, the other is grounded in reality and functions solely on the basis on fact. With that being said, the series can certainly be enjoyed by anyone, including people who don’t like Doctor Who (but why don’t you???). Each season has only three episodes and each episode is 90 minutes long, so you’re essentially watching a bunch of little movies. This makes the show seem far more special than other shows, but unfortunately once you get caught up, you’ll still have to wait until 2017 for the next season.

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I know BATMAN V. SUPERMAN doesn’t come out until next March, but like many people, I’m already SuperHyped (see what I did?). Anyway, this week on What to Stream Right Now, we’re taking a look at the man in the black corner, Batman. However, I’m not sure when we’ll ever have a Superman episode since Netflix still doesn’t stream SMALLVILLE. Make sure to check out Episodes 3 and 4 if you’re not a big Batman fan.


BATMAN – Dir. Tim Burton (1989)

Obviously we have to start with Tim Burton’s classic, BATMAN. Everyone loves the Dark Knight Trilogy with Christian Bale, but I really believe the younger generation of comic book movie fans are missing out on the ridiculous and campy fun of the 1989 Batman flick. Michael Keaton stars as Bruce Wayne and while he may not appear as polished as Bale, he certainly pulls off the rich-boy persona well. Prior to this role, Keaton was primarily a comedy actor, which led many to believe that he would be a poor fit for the caped crusader. However, he really knocks it out of the park as both Wayne and Batman. And he doesn’t have a demonic and scratchy voice!

And while the movie is called “Batman”, it’s apparent early on that this film is about The Joker. Jack Nicholson plays Jack Napier, a mob boss who falls into a vat of toxic something (quite original for the time) and comes out a little stranger. Again, Heath Ledger may be a fan favorite to today’s audience, but Nicholson’s portrayal of the character is still considered a modern classic. The story follows the rise and fall of Batman’s arch nemesis and even with a few artistic liberties here and there, Burton pulls off an enthralling story about one of America’s most loved villains.


GOTHAM – Season One (2014)

142065989bf726ba74dd6e9dfefd62bbIf you’re only here for Batman then maybe this show isn’t for you, because he’s only a child at the point of this show. GOTHAM follows the career of Detective James Gordon starting at the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents. Throughout the season we’re introduced to characters that will later become villains to the Dark Knight such as Selina Kyle (or Catwoman), Edward Nygma (The Riddler), Harvey Dent (Two-Face), and most prominently Oswald Cobblepot who begins his transformation into The Penguin rather early in the season. This is probably what makes the show so much fun to watch. Sure it tells great stories and has incredibly interesting characters, but it’s also just great to be fed little easter eggs and nods to the Batman mythos.

Season two just started last week, so if you aren’t caught up it may be a little difficult for you (yes, this is a challenge), but the show is definitely worth watching whether you’re a fan of the comics or just a fan of good TV in general.


This week on What to Stream Right Now we’re heading across the pond for some great British comedy. But obviously we’re not actually travelling anywhere, because that would go against our rule of spending as much time on the couch as possible… Anyway! If you want to be scared check out Ep. 3 of our recommendations or if you feel like watching something cheesy, here’s Ep. 2. Let’s get into it!

HOT FUZZ – Dir. Edgar Wright (2007) IMDb

This is the second film in the “Cornetto Trilogy”, a group of films all directed by Edgar Wright and starring both Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, and if you ask me, it’s easily the best of the three. The other two films in the trilogy are SHAUN OF THE DEAD and THE WORLD’S END, which are both fantastic and hilarious films in their own right, but we’re discussing HOTT FUZZ. Pegg plays the very successful and serious, big city cop, Nicholas Angel, who is relocated to the tiny and quaint English village of Sandford. He’s partnered up with the Police Captain’s dim-witted son, Danny Butterman played by Frost. Together they attempt to keep the village in line until a series of murders plagues the local residents. This evolves into a town-wide conspiracy that no one believes but Angel and Butterman.

If you’ve seen any of Wright’s other films, you already know the style this movie is going to have. He and Pegg wrote it together and their incredibly witty dialogue shines through in a fabulous manner. For not being an “action” film, Hot Fuzz has plenty of excellent action scenes that are actually making fun of the action genre in itself. The entire movie is a parody of high budget Hollywood flicks, but it fails to cripple itself by staying contained to the satirical elements of parody. The film doesn’t take itself too seriously, which results in one of the most fun films I’ve ever seen.

AN IDIOT ABROAD – Three Seasons (2010 – 2013) IMDb

This is a great show for anyone who loves seeing the world, but doesn’t want to put the time, money, and effort into actually seeing it with their own eyes. AN IDIOT ABROAD is a documentary series starring Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant as the Executive Producers who send their loveable, British pal, Karl Pilkington on a journey to see the Seven Wonders of the World. Sounds great, except their main purpose is to make Karl’s trip as miserable as possible.

This is a hilarious show thanks to Pilkington’s terrible attitude toward everything the Producer’s throw his way. Rarely do we see him actually enjoying himself, and when we do, Gervais and Merchant make sure to change that… quickly. They continually remind him that he’s “Not on holiday” and that this is his job, but in all honesty, some of the things they put this poor fellow into are rather cruel. That doesn’t make it any less hysterical, though.