Welcome to another installment of Zito’s What to Watch Right Now! I sure hope you have Netflix, because… well, I’m nearly certain you have Netflix if you’re reading this. But anyway, this week I’m recommending a few Netflix originals that are sure to keep you up all night.



beasts-of-no-nation-1140x641This year, Netflix released their first-ever original movie, BEASTS OF NO NATION, starring Idris Elba alongside a handful of first time, child actors who each amazed me. One such child was Abraham Atta, who played the main character, Agu. Agu is a young child from a small village in an unnamed African country that is being ravaged by a civil war between the oppressive government and the violent and cruel rebels. The war finally makes it to their peaceful village, where Agu is ripped away from his family and forced to become a soldier in the rebel army. What follows is certain to make even the manliest of men cry buckets of tears.

While Beasts is a fictional story, set in a fictional country, the events that transpire are true and happen to children every day in that part of the world. Because of this, the film is not easy to watch. It’s violent and brutal and sickening, because we read these stories and hear about these terrible events in the news. Some of you may not be able to get through Beasts of No Nation, but I recommend it to you because sometimes we must watch movies such as this that remind us of the real tragedies occurring on the other side of the planet. Also, Idris Ebla knocks it out of the park again.



Master-of-None-Poster-629x360Netflix’s newest original series stars and is co-created and co-written by Aziz Ansari. Aziz plays a 30-year-old commercial actor named Dev, struggling to break into films, while also attempting to find a relationship and meaning in his adult life. Each episode seems to tackle an important cultural question, to which Dev is lacking the answer (hence the name of the show, I think). It’s brilliant. It’s hilariously written and acted, with an incredible supporting cast including TIM AND ERIC’S, Tim Wareheim, Noel Wells, and even a short appearance by Claire Danes! While each episode plays independently of the others, there is a season long arc, following the developing relationship between Dev and a girl named Rachel, whom we meet in an awkward yet hysterical opening scene in episode one. However, at the end of each episode, I found myself craving to know what kind of shenanigans Dev and his friends would get into next.

And that’s how I spent one evening watching all 10 episodes of the season. So if you’re looking for a new show to invest in, I highly recommend MASTER OF NONE. The season ends in a really unique way that is already making me incredibly excited for a season two. And based on the fan and critic reviews alike, season two should be a sure thing.

Now that Halloween is over and you’re sick and tired of watching horror films, it’s finally time to break out some classic Christmas movies!!! Oh, wait. No it’s not. No Christmas movies until December, I promise. This week on What to Stream Right Now it’s all about the weird, so if you’re not into things a little bit stranger than usual, check out some iconic science fiction from last episode, or catch up on your geniuses from episode 6!

TRAINSPOTTING – Dir. Danny Boyle (1996) IMDb

trainspotting-posterA very strange film, starring Ewan McGregor as a career doper who makes several attempts to change his lifestyle and escape the bad influence of his equally doped friends. What ensues is a crazy and euphoric journey of maturity, sobriety, and of course… heroin. And while it sounds like a preachy or depressing movie, TRAINSPOTTING is actually an incredibly fun and fast paced tale about finding joy in one’s reality, away from the harsh effects of drug abuse. Our Scottish protagonist, Renton, struggles with his profound decision by going to some pretty bizarre lengths in order to cleanse himself of his addiction. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t.

Director, Danny Boyle’s vision has always been a little hallucinogenic, but never quite as much as it is in his beloved, drug-loving, movie. Like I said, it’s weird. There’s this whole scene where Ewan McGregor dives into the most disgusting toilet ever put to screen, just so he can retrieve some pills. But then again, if that’s not enough to sell you on this film, I’m not sure what is. Maybe it’s not a realistic look on the Scottish drug scene, but it sure is an interesting, albeit magical, take on the controversial subject.

TWIN PEAKS – Two Seasons (1990-1991) IMDb

MV5BMTMxMzY0NTUyMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMzA4NzU5._V1_SX640_SY720_At first glance, David Lynch’s cult classic TV series doesn’t seem all that weird. Keep watching. What appears to be a story about the death of a young girl in a small Washington town, quickly transpires into a mystery of magical occurrences surrounding the strange town of Twin Peaks. FBI Special Agent, Dale Cooper, leads the investigation into Laura Palmer’s death with the help of Sheriff Harry S. Truman (yeah, I’m not sure why) and other townsfolk including the late Log Lady played by Catherine Coulson. Together, they attempt to discover which of these quiet people murdered such a young and apparently troubled girl.

I started watching TWIN PEAKS after hearing the news that Mark Frost and David Lynch are bringing the show back in 2017 with the same cast plus new additions like Amanda Seyfried. So far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the quirky series, and while I can admit that it’s oddness won’t appeal to everyone, I’m very interested in seeing what they do with the new series in the coming years.

This week on What to Stream Right Now, we’re delving into the deepest parts of the cosmic unknown and watching some pretty iconic science fiction. But that’s about where the similarities end for these two. As always, make sure to check out our previous episodes if you’re not a fan of the sci-fi genre.

2001: A Space Odyssey – Dir. Stanley Kubrick (1968) IMDb

tumblr_noyg3splpT1tjivowo1_1280Let me preface this by saying 2001 is my favorite film of all time. However, Stanley Kubrick’s only Oscar winning film is just that… a film. This is not a “flick” or a “movie” for the faint of heart. At a running time of 160 minutes (most of those minutes without dialogue), many would claim that 2001 is purely an experience; specifically, an experience that any film or sci-fi fan simply must endure.

I understand that I’m not doing a great job pitching this to you, but it really is a ground-breaking classic for a reason. First of all, the special effects are unlike anything done before or since and they still hold up incredibly well today. At times, it’s really difficult to not feel as though you’re travelling along to Jupiter with the astronauts and HAL. Secondly, all of the lunar sequences were done BEFORE anyone had ever stepped foot on the moon. No one had even seen Earth from space at the time this movie was made, Kubrick and team pulled it off seamlessly. I don’t have a third point, but if you haven’t seen this film on the big screen, your TV or computer screen will simply have to suffice. Carve out a few hours tonight, pop some corn, and watch a masterpiece of cinema.

DOCTOR WHO – Eight Season (2005 -) IMDb

doctorwhoseason8posterLike I said, the similarities end at the genre for these two. Where 2001 is a little slow and lacks speaking characters, DOCTOR WHO is about as wild and talkative as a TV show can get. And it’s amassed such a cult following that it’s been airing on BBC for over 50 years! In fact, you can watch many of the original episodes on Netflix as well, but we’re talking about the revised series from 2005 to today.

Since its resurrection, fans have seen 3 Doctors come and go and are now enjoying their 4th as he continues to battle aliens and save the galaxy in season 9. The show has grown steadily in popularity, not just in America but all around the world and has become something of a cultural icon as of late. Perhaps you’ve seen some 1960s British Police Boxes everywhere you look or maybe you were wondering what that weirdo wearing a fez was thinking and why are people saying “Allonsy!” all the time??? Because Doctor Who, that’s why. Anyway, the show can be really bad when it’s bad, but can be out of this world amazing when it’s not really bad. Again, I’m not great at pitching, but give it a shot and let us know who your favorite Doctor is! I bet it’s Tennant.