Welcome back to our second episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Episode 2 was a little slow, but did reveal a little more about Travis’s life. Last week we stated that the city was going to be confused at what is going on, and it was. So lets get into episode 2.

It starts off with Alicia checking on her boyfriend, and it turns out that he has been bitten. Madison, Travis, and Nick show up at the boyfriends house, and convince her to come back home. Back at home Nick is going through withdrawals and Madison goes to the school to get him some drugs. Meanwhile Travis goes to find his ex-wife and son. He finds his son at a protest for an innocent man that was shot by the cops. At this point in time the city is going crazy. Cops are shooting walkers, and the civilians think the cops are turning bad. The city turns to rioting, people are scared and confused. Travis, Liza (Travis’s ex wife), and Christopher (Travis’s son) run into a barber shop where they wait things out with the Salazar family (owns the barber shop). Back at Madison’s place, Madison gets home with the drugs, and the family sees one neighbor eating another neighbor. The episode ends with Alicia asking “What is going on!”

The Exclusive clips of Fear the Walking Dead, episode 3 show a walker in Madison’s house, and Travis’s family have to leave the barber shop and fend for themselves in the dangerous riot. Our predictions for next week are that Travis and Madison are going to take lead and get their families to safety. The families are going to start understanding what the “disease” is. Tune in on the 13’th of September to see what the families are going to do next on Fear the Walking Dead. See you next time.

Hello! We are going to be talking about Fear the Walking Dead, episode 1. This show is a spin off of the Walking Dead, and it shows us the beginning of the zombie apocalypse before everyone was dead. WARNING – there will be spoilers, so if you have not seen it yet, you can catch it on AMC for FREE!

fear-the-walking-dead_0Since this is a brand new show, first thing first, the cast IMDB. The main characters are Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) who is a school teacher that has two kids.  Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) who is dating Madison,  is also a school teacher and has a son that lives with his mother.   Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) who is Madison’s son, he is a 19 year old drug addict.  Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) who is Madison’s daughter, is a Yale bound teen that is fed up with dealing with her troublesome brother.

Now that we have introduced the cast,  you will now know who we are talking about.  Now let’s get to the fun part, Fear the Walking Dead!

At beginning of the episode, Nick is waking up in an abandoned church from a drug-induced bender.  He is yelling for his girlfriend and finds her eating one of his friends for a nutritious breakfast of blood and brains.  While frantically running from the church Nick is hit by a car and is sent to the hospital.  When his family comes to his aid he is too scared to tell him them what he saw.  Travis stays at the hospital with Nick, while Madison and Alicia return to school.  Madison takes a student into the office because he brought a knife to school.  She asked him why he had the knife and he told her because of the weird epidemic hitting the U.S. so he could protect himself.  Back at the hospital Travis is the only one who will listen to Nick and Nick finally revels to him what he saw at the church.  Travis goes to the church to see if Nick’s claims are real or not.  He doesn’t find any zombies, but he does find a massive blood stain on the floor.

Cliff-Curtis-Kim-Dickens-Frank-Dillane-Fear-the-Walking-Dead-PilotThe next day Nick escapes from the hospital and is roaming the city looking for his friend and dealer Calvin.  Meanwhile, Madison is trying to find her son.  Madison and Travis return to the church “where it has all started” and they find Calvin.  Calvin learns of Nick’s escape and begins his our search to cover up his drug operation.  Nick and Calvin finally meet and Calvin threatens Nick’s life.  With a gun in his face, Nick began begging for his life and tries to take the gun from Calvin.  During the shuffle Nick accidentally shoots Calvin and runs to find his mom. Madison, Travis, and Nick go back to the murder scene to see if they can save Calvin.  It was too late, Calvin had already  turned into a zombie and attacks Madison.  Nick saves his mom by running over Calvin with their truck….twice.  They head back to the school just in time to see the students being dismissed due to a virus outbreak.   The end of the episode shows Madison and Travis looking at the chaos saying “what the hell is happening!”

Predictions for next week is that they are still going to be very bewildered of what is going on and think Nick is going to be the one to listen to. He has seen the walkers in action and everyone else is confused and doesn’t understand what is going on. They will likely try to flee the city, find weapons, and run for their life. Check out these exclusives for next weeks episode, Fear the Walking Dead: So Close, Yet So Far.

Tune in next week for another episode and see if our predictions were right!

Welcome to the third installment of What to Stream Right Now! If you’ve been keeping up with us so far, you’ve seen some pretty great movies and TV shows. We have even more to share with you today, but make sure to check out Ep. 1 and Ep. 2 to catch up and slack off!

THE EXORCIST – Dir. William Friedkin (1973)

Everyone seems to love complaining about horror movies these days, and quite frankly, I can’t blame them. There’s no magic or genuinely frightening moments anymore, just loud sound effects and gore. That’s why I’m recommending to you an old, but undated and horrifying film, THE EXORCIST. You’ve probably seen one of the multitudes of sequels/spin-offs inspired by this classic, but if you haven’t seen the original, you’re really missing out. Actually, I should rephrase that: If you’re a fan of horror films and you haven’t seen the original Exorcist, you’re really missing out. This is not a movie for weak stomachs. That’s not to say it’s a gore-fest like you we’re used to now, it’s simply disturbing. It also tells a great story by interweaving characters that we actually care about and want to prevail!

And maybe I’m in the minority in thinking that it’s an actual horror film, but do yourself a favor and read about the audience reactions when the film first hit theaters. People actually fainted from being so scared. I was convinced that only happened in movies! …Not at the theater.  IMDB


BOB’S BURGERS – Four Seasons (2011- )
Unfortunately, BOB’S BURGERS is also not a show for everyone. But it’s a light-hearted cartoon and I figured you could use something fun to ease your mood after watching The Exorcist.

The show is about a dad (named Bob), who owns and runs a burger joint (named Bob’s Burgers) with his family. He has a kind, but mildly annoying wife, two polar opposite daughters, and a son who takes far too much after himself. It’s a quirky, odd, comedy that many claim is reminiscent of early THE SPIMPSONS episodes. Essentially, the show revolves around a middle-class family dealing with common struggles while adding in some bizarre and outlandish elements. The comedy is off beat, but relatable and the characters are instantly loveable with their strange characterizations and phenomenal voice work. Since there are only 4 seasons available on Netflix, (six seasons in all) and the show is still being produced, there’s plenty to enjoy but even more to look forward to.  IMDB