Welcome back to our second episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Episode 2 was a little slow, but did reveal a little more about Travis’s life. Last week we stated that the city was going to be confused at what is going on, and it was. So lets get into episode 2.

It starts off with Alicia checking on her boyfriend, and it turns out that he has been bitten. Madison, Travis, and Nick show up at the boyfriends house, and convince her to come back home. Back at home Nick is going through withdrawals and Madison goes to the school to get him some drugs. Meanwhile Travis goes to find his ex-wife and son. He finds his son at a protest for an innocent man that was shot by the cops. At this point in time the city is going crazy. Cops are shooting walkers, and the civilians think the cops are turning bad. The city turns to rioting, people are scared and confused. Travis, Liza (Travis’s ex wife), and Christopher (Travis’s son) run into a barber shop where they wait things out with the Salazar family (owns the barber shop). Back at Madison’s place, Madison gets home with the drugs, and the family sees one neighbor eating another neighbor. The episode ends with Alicia asking “What is going on!”

The Exclusive clips of Fear the Walking Dead, episode 3 show a walker in Madison’s house, and Travis’s family have to leave the barber shop and fend for themselves in the dangerous riot. Our predictions for next week are that Travis and Madison are going to take lead and get their families to safety. The families are going to start understanding what the “disease” is. Tune in on the 13’th of September to see what the families are going to do next on Fear the Walking Dead. See you next time.