This was a brilliantly made movie.
Before I get ahead of myself and compliment the whole, entire female led movie for being so great, I would first like to mention that I think that the people behind Wonder Woman were borrowing a few ideas from the current Marvel movies.
We all know the formula for a Marvel movie, throw in some fun characters, have some good fight scenes, funny moments,  character development and BAM, you have a hit! I’m not saying this is a bad formula as it has been proven to work, but, if you thought this would be a heavy serious brooding movie, like a few of the other DC movies, you’d be wrong.
Now onto the praising.
This movie starts off with great main characters, Steve and Diane, played by Chris Pine and Gal Gadot, who respectively play off each other brilliantly. They look out for each other as they go and are a really good pair. Gal Godot plays Wonder Woman “Wonderfully” (Please forgive me for that)! She plays a shining light in an otherwise grey world, not to mention that she kicks some major …butt. I mean seriously, she is basically a one woman army. While talking about kicking butt, the fight scenes were extremely well done. It didn’t even seem far fetched when this beautiful woman would jump through a wall or defeat a room full of Germans without batting an eyelash.

My final point…

This is 2017, there is a beautiful woman acting in a movie in a skimpy outfit. Obviously you will think the movie is over sexualised to please a male audience. And you would be very wrong. While there is no doubt that Gal Gadot is extremely attractive, this movie does not play on that to keep you interested. You find yourself rooting for this amazing character not because of what she is wearing, but because she is just that, an amazing character.
Now, if you are “wondering” (I really need to stop doing that), why I only gave this great film a 4.5 after that shining review, its because almost nothing can be a 5/5. The movie was great and I’d watch it again, but it can still be improved in certain areas. Should you go see it? Defiantly!

SUICIDE SQUAD is the newest installment of Warner Bros.’ DC Cinematic Universe and if you haven’t already noticed, people aren’t loving it. This news comes as a shock to few, yet a disappointment to many as the DCU continues to plunder in the eyes of critics and fans alike (though not the box office). Well, this reviewer is here to tell you… that I feel the same as the majority of others. Simply put, Suicide Squad is fun, but filled with problems that will ultimately leave a bad taste in your mouth.

This movie started off on a strong foot. The introduction of our “heroes” was very well done and instantly got me excited to see what kind of crazy adventures they would get into. Right off the bat, it was clear that Harley Quinn and Deadshot (played by Margot Robbie and Will Smith, respectively) would lead with an abundance of charisma and a plethora of fun. They did, alongside a terrific cast of interesting characters. Even the secondary bad guys were developed in a clever way and each had their moment to shine. Everyone was on their A-game and no one lagged behind. That’s the main reason why this movie felt like such a disappointment to me. I wanted to see these characters interact in bizarre circumstances. I wanted them to have fun, I wanted to have fun! What I ended up having was a struggle to stay interested through a 2 hour comic book movie that I was looking forward to enjoying.

Part of the problem was that they spent too much time developing a backstory (and showing flashbacks) for Harley and The Joker. Some amount of explaining is crucial, but it was done is a tasteless way. The flashbacks were weak, weird, and uninteresting, while harming the pacing of the overall story. There were several moments in the film that were highly intense only to be overthrown by a boring love scene between the clown couple. They were just of place and who ever made that decision really affected the overall product in a very negative way. On top of that, no other character got nearly the same amount of story as those two. Deadshot came in a distant second, while Killer Croc was barely explained at all! It was have been much more interesting to see the characters grow on screen, rather than shoe-horning a lame memory of why they are who they are.

This brings me to my second complaint: The Joker. Now, this is all a matter of preference, but this reviewer couldn’t help but think that Jared Leto’s performance was only a hint better than an impressive cosplay. It’s difficult to follow some of the greatest actors in the same role and I’m not saying the character has to be reinvented every time someone new takes it on, I just feel like this interpretation was the weakest we’ve seen since 1966. Again, let me stress that this is my opinion and it may very well be completely contradictory to your own. But this Joker was too self-aware and on the nose for my liking. It pulled me out of the film every time he was on screen.

My third and final complaint is that the whole objective of the movie was not incredibly unique. This rings back to the lost potential of Suicide Squad. They spend the entire second act trying to take out one bad guy (with an army of literally faceless slaves) and it just didn’t interest me. The emotional punches didn’t really land, because every time something serious happened, someone would follow up with unoriginal joke. And there was a side story that really detracted from the main one, but also gave a sometimes-needed break, so I can’t really fault anything on that.

But the things I did like include; Will Smith and Margot Robbie (as stated above), everyone else except for The Joker (as stated above), the implications that something greater is coming in the DCU, Batman’s cameo (stick around for a mid-credit scene), David Ayer’s direction, and the music. This movie is very much worth watching, just because it’s going to be polarizing. Batman V Superman was polarizing and I liked that one. People are going to love this as well. Buy a ticket and make up your own mind. If you’ve already seen it, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


2.5 out of 5 Stars


SUICIDE SQUAD – Dir. David Ayer

Starring: Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto

Runtime: 2h 3m

With Summer in full swing, heatwaves come and go, and when one comes your way what better way to avoid it than by sitting inside with an air conditioner, a cold drink, and a great game. Here are some of the most notable games releasing in August.

Batman: A Telltale Game Series – August 2nd

The Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, the World’s Greatest Detective, these names are synonymous with one person. Batman. From the new Batman V. Superman, and the Dark Knight movies, to the previous Batman games (Arkham Series), the Bat is everywhere and most everyone and their mother have heard of him. This is a new take on a Batman game which will be released episodically, and in the game, each choice you make will matter and will alter the future of your gaming experience. This game will play similar to other Telltale games such as The Walking Dead, or Tales from the Borderlands, which were massively successful. The controls will be based on quick time events and button sequences, an aspect that should tie in nicely with the combat style for taking down Gotham’s criminals. Along with looking like a playable comic book, this game is filled with notable characters such as Harvey Dent, Vicki Vale, James Gordon, Selena Kyle (Catwoman) and beloved butler, Alfred. Episode One is going to release on August 2nd and for anyone that is a fan of Batman this game should be at the top of your list. LINK

No Man’s Sky – August 9th

Need I say more? No Man’s Sky is arguably one of the most hyped games to release in years, if you don’t know about this game yet, you must go check out some of the previews. After a few delays, the game is finally going to be released on August 9th. Before I get ahead of myself, ere is what No Man’s Sky is. This game is a procedurally generated universe, which means this game is ever-expanding and always changing and in this universe you are an explorer just trying to survive. You make a living by flying from star to star and exploring the solar systems around them. Each planet in the solar system may have life forms or may be barren, some may be a mass of dessert or it may be a lush tropical world. This game also offers a trading system that requires you to go to trading outposts and interact with NPCs or other players, and this game is open to online play. The game developers Hello Games have said that our sun would burn out before you could fully explore this game, think about that for a second, that’s 8 BILLION years. If No Man’s Sky can hold up to what it has boasted this will easily be a huge hit of summer 2016. There is one drawback, this game is a PC and PlayStation 4 exclusive which is unfortunate for Xbox owners. LINK

Madden 17 – August 23rd

With the NFL season getting underway again in September it is time for the annual release of Madden. The 28th installment of the beloved franchise offers updated graphics, gameplay changes, and smoother mechanics. EA has revamped the running game and player control, smarter defensive A.I. that adjusts to your game style and special teams that can actually block kicks. With these all new game features, this could be the most polished Madden to date. For a fan of the franchise, you know what to expect, all the game modes are still there, Madden Ultimate Team, Franchise, Online play and Draft Champions. Overall Madden will be a successful game and if you’re a football fan is a must have. LINK

Upcoming: Battlefield 1 Beta???

Ever since the reveal trailer for Battlefield 1 on May 6th, the internet has been ablaze with anticipation. EA and Dice took a chance on placing their first person shooter in the setting of World War 1, but so far it has paid off for them, as it has been very well received by the public. So well received actually, it is the most liked trailer ever on YouTube, beating out every other game and even movie trailers. Something unknown to people is when Battlefield 1 will have their public beta. There was a closed version of the game only available to a select few, but with the hype for this game, everyone is patiently waiting. EA has said that it will be in late summer, and with the game releasing in October, one would assume this beta is right around the corner. LINK

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