This was a brilliantly made movie.
Before I get ahead of myself and compliment the whole, entire female led movie for being so great, I would first like to mention that I think that the people behind Wonder Woman were borrowing a few ideas from the current Marvel movies.
We all know the formula for a Marvel movie, throw in some fun characters, have some good fight scenes, funny moments,  character development and BAM, you have a hit! I’m not saying this is a bad formula as it has been proven to work, but, if you thought this would be a heavy serious brooding movie, like a few of the other DC movies, you’d be wrong.
Now onto the praising.
This movie starts off with great main characters, Steve and Diane, played by Chris Pine and Gal Gadot, who respectively play off each other brilliantly. They look out for each other as they go and are a really good pair. Gal Godot plays Wonder Woman “Wonderfully” (Please forgive me for that)! She plays a shining light in an otherwise grey world, not to mention that she kicks some major …butt. I mean seriously, she is basically a one woman army. While talking about kicking butt, the fight scenes were extremely well done. It didn’t even seem far fetched when this beautiful woman would jump through a wall or defeat a room full of Germans without batting an eyelash.

My final point…

This is 2017, there is a beautiful woman acting in a movie in a skimpy outfit. Obviously you will think the movie is over sexualised to please a male audience. And you would be very wrong. While there is no doubt that Gal Gadot is extremely attractive, this movie does not play on that to keep you interested. You find yourself rooting for this amazing character not because of what she is wearing, but because she is just that, an amazing character.
Now, if you are “wondering” (I really need to stop doing that), why I only gave this great film a 4.5 after that shining review, its because almost nothing can be a 5/5. The movie was great and I’d watch it again, but it can still be improved in certain areas. Should you go see it? Defiantly!

Is it as good as the first? No. Is is still an incredibly fun and visually stunning space adventure film to seal the series fate as this generation’s Star Wars. Yes!

The crass and lovable Guardians return in a more self aware and cartoonish sequel that delivers big laughs and surprising character moments. The cast as a whole has some fantastic chemistry, with each main character dishing up some incredibly memorable moments of snappy comedy (Yondu makes the most quotable line in the movie) as well as some heartfelt moments that balance the adventure nicely. Baby Groot again steals the show and makes us question how many effects had to be added to Vin Diesel’s gruff voice to make it work. The main man himself, Chris Pratt as Starlord, seemed to take a back seat allowing his co-stars to shine.

I’m not as big of a fan of the decidedly more cartoonish humor, as it really feels somewhat bizarre despite how irreverent GotG already is at times. I can appreciate, however, the times when Guardians gets weird with it’s world-building as it still features some of the strangest and creative fiction visually – its neon soaked landscapes and bizarre alien cultures/species make it a feast for the eyes.

The plot revolves around Starlord and the gang meeting Peter’s Dad, discover more about Peter’s past, shake up the ravager fleet, and once again save the galaxy. It’s a decidedly less focused plot as compared to the first, and it has some juicy twists in the latter half (along with some comedy gold as well). It’s also way weirder as compared to the almost grounded original.

And what of the “Awesome Mix Vol. 2” music selection? I didn’t feel that it was as strong and as perfectly integrated into the film as the first, but man are there some excellent picks throughout. The parents that have no interest in comics will appreciate the music when they take their kids. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a great example of a strong sequel. While not as fresh or as captivating as the original installment, it adds upon the lore of the Guardians, as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE is the new film from half of the team who brought us WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, Taika Waititi. It stars Sam Neill of JURASSIC PARK fame, Rhys Darby (FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS), and relative newbie Julian Dennison as the film’s young, overweight star, Ricky Baker. Ricky is a troubled young man who is adopted by an older couple named Bella and Hec (Neill), who live on a farm outside of the beautiful New Zealand bush. Ricky has a difficult time acclimating himself to the country living of his new foster aunt and uncle, but quickly realizes that things aren’t all that bad. And even if he wanted to leave, there’s no way a chubby kid like him could survive in the surrounding forest. However, that’s exactly what he’s forced to do when depressing circumstances put him in danger of being brought back into the city as an orphan. He and Uncle Hec find themselves hiding out in the wilderness avoiding the police, hunters attempting to claim the bounty on their heads, and the dangers of the bush.

Unfortunately, I don’t think my synopsis of the film gave any credit to how hysterical it was. This was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen all year, though I have yet to see the new GHOSTBUSTERS movie – sarcasm. Ricky and Hec displayed amazing chemistry together that kept me rolling in laughter for the entire length of the film. Ricky is a gangster wannabe with a lot of attitude but an equal amount of heart and Hec is a grumpy old man filled with grief and regret, who also happens to be a great role model. Together, they make the perfect duo of recklessness and apathy. It’s funny when they don’t get along and it’s funny when they do. They’re simply great characters. In fact, all of the characters are well developed and funny in their own unique way. Each time a new character was introduced, I thought to myself “Oh, great. Here’s another character that I won’t be able to stand in 5 minutes.” And each time I was proven wrong. Even the villains are likable and completely sympathetic. I haven’t read the screenplay or the source material, but it is very apparent that all of the characters were written with a lot of love. No one was neglected and it shows. On top of that the situations were original, the dialogue was superb, and everything was made even funnier by their gorgeous New Zealand accents.

I had so much fun watching this movie. It was incredibly original from being separated by chapters, the way it used music and montage, and its overall structure. It keeps you on the edge of your seat by continually surprising you and making you smile. It may not be the movie you remember to include in your top 10 list at the end of the year, but it is certainly worth the price of admission this weekend. See it on the big screen with a couple of friends who like to laugh. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

3½ out of 5 stars

HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE (PG-13) – Dir. Taika Waititi

Starring: Sam Neill, Julian Dennison, and Rhys Darby

Runtime: 1h 41min