It’s Always Sunny with Brie Larson

This week on Netflix we’re watching the breakout performance from Golden Globe winner Brie Larson and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia which has surprisingly (or maybe not) won zero Golden Globes… But it’s never too late.

It’s also never too late to check out our previous episodes! 12 and 11

SHORT TERM 12 – Dir. Dustin Daniel Cretton (2013) IMDb

short-term-12-coverEasily, and I mean EASILY, the most emotional film I’ve seen in months, SHORT TERM 12 follows a troubled young woman as she learns more about herself through caring for underprivileged children in a residential treatment facility. Let me stress this a little more – this film broke me inside, giving me emotions I didn’t even know existed. Most of this is thanks to the incredible performance by Brie Larson who, just this weekend, won her first Golden Globe for the 2015 drama ROOM. Larson plays a staff member at Short Term 12, named Grace who works with her long time boyfriend, Mason and newcomer, Nate, played by MR. ROBOTS’ Rami Malek. Together they fight everyday to keep the children at their facility safe, stable, and positive. This isn’t such an easy task when the caregivers aren’t all that safe, stable, and positive themselves.

Brie Larson isn’t the only one who gives a noteworthy performance. Many of the young actors who play the children and teens living in the facility blew me away. It’s really rare to see such wonderful acting from a 15 year old, but sophomore director, Dustin Daniel Cretton made it happen. The dialogue, also written by Cretton, is genuine, funny, and quite inspiring. There are two or three parts of the film where the character Mason is simply telling a story to his coworkers, but it’s described so intricately that it feels as though we are seeing it take place on screen. That’s great dialogue. And yes, I might have cried a little during a few different scenes. But if you watch the movie, I’d be surprised if you don’t as well.


Its-always-sunny-in-philadelphiaIn my opinion, FX has never produced a more unique and hilarious show than Always Sunny. Not a single character is like any one you’ve ever met before, yet they all feel incredibly real and just like someone you can imagine that hangs out at that gross bar down the street all day. And boy isn’t it fun to watch?! It’s like a train wreck where no one gets seriously injured so it’s totally okay to look at. Thankfully Netflix just added new episodes to the instant stream, so now you can watch that train wreck all day!

If you’ve already seen Always Sunny, I can’t change your mind about it: either you can’t find the humor and hate it, or you’re a part of the cult following that worships Danny DeVito. Both are completely acceptable, but if you haven’t given it a try watch a few episodes and let me know what you think. Feel free to skip around. Watch old episodes or maybe some of the newly added ones. It really doesn’t matter. Within no time, you’ll be wishing you could hang out with Charlie and Frank or yell at Dee for being annoying. Soon, they’ll start to feel like family. As you can tell, I’ve been watching way too much of this show recently, but that’s what happens when 10 of the 12 seasons are available at any time of the day!