Egg-stra Surprises!

Listen up egg hunters!  I’m not talking plastic eggs filled with candy delights here but hidden egg-stra surprises for us big kids as we browse the internet.  If you’re not aware of internet Easter eggs, they’re hidden games or graphics that are planted around the web or buried in sites that you can hunt up for a little extra enjoyment.  For instance, Google has a dinosaur game they deemed T-Rex Runner that you can play if your internet connection fails and a page won’t load.  Many people don’t realize it’s a fully functioning game!  Other surprises are just little hidden features that are nice to know, and some need special codes or tricks in order to find them.  If you need a break during your day, try some of these hidden eggs out for yourself!

Google probably has the best sense of humor when it comes to this game of hide and seek.  I already mentioned T-Rex Runner.  If you haven’t already realized all this time that you can make the little guy run and jump, go ahead and turn your Wi-Fi off, open a new Google Search page and you’ll get the “There is no internet connection” message with the dinosaur waiting to entertain!  Press the space bar to activate the game, then jump the cacti or die!

Some other games are Zerg Rush where the little Google O’s will fall across the page eating away at your search results if you don’t click them away in time.  To keep the adrenaline going, hop over to a quick challenge of Atari Breakout, which turns the graphics on the screen into playable tiles.  If you’re feeling indecisive, you can play the Birthday Surprise Spinner where you spin the wheel and Google will pick one of its past doodle games for you to play.  Rinse and repeat by spinning the wheel for endless fun!

Aside from games, there are a few things you can look up for additional entertainment.  Watch your kids’ faces when you pull up a new Google search page with Google Gravity.  All of the elements on the page will plummet to the bottom of the screen as if gravity has been sucked out of the net!  Let the kids have a little fun tossing the pieces around for a while.  If you’re a fun facts kind of person, you can add some new trivia to your life with Google’s hidden fun facts feature.  Just type “I’m feeling curious” in the search bar and refresh as much as your heart desires for new facts!

With Easter being on April Fool’s day this year, I’m sure we will be seeing many more new eggs planted around the net on April 1st!  In addition to the internet, you can also look up android Easter eggs to see what fun surprises your phone has hiding in the depths of its settings!  The next time you need a mind break, look up some of these Easter egg-stra surprises and see what else you can find hiding out there!