Every Ghost and Ghoul Needs Some Tech

Forget spaghetti for brains and the same old boring costumes, these techy Halloween props and costumes will take fright night to a whole new level.

Digital Dudz

Digital Dudz are digital costumes without the hassle! Digital t-shirts are the way to go for the people who aren’t a fan of dressing up but don’t want to be the bore in the corner of the Halloween party.


LED Slap Bracelet

360 degree ultra-high visibility in dusk and night time activities. That means greater safety for you or your children from negligent and distracted drviers.


Remote Controlled LED Pumpkin Lights

Who needs candles!?  Heck you don’t even need to go outside with this little helpful gadgets.


Grabbing Monster Candy Bowl

Scare your Tick-or-Theaters this year with this clever gag.  Fill up your motion activated bowl with goodies and get all the laughs…and maybe a few screams.


DIY Ghost Drone

If you already own a drone this one is easy.  Grab yourself a cheap ghost prop and rig it to the top.  You won’t be able to fly like Maverick from Top Gun, but it’s still fun to freak out the neighbors.  If you don’t own a drone this one is going to cost you…sorry!