Water Cooler Talk

So how did the Water Cooler Talk go last week with your work colleagues, or with your friends and family away from the workplace?  For your sake, I hope it went well and for my sake, I hope to give you great material every week to continue to sound like and be the “sports guru” wherever it is you may be.  Share your talks with me on Twitter by following me and commenting on @JasonSaulter.  Don’t be alarmed by all the smack talk about the Seahawks on my page, those fans and I have a history that dates back to my time being stationed in Washington state.  Now, let’s move onto to this week’s edition of Water Cooler Talk!


NFL-logoOh what a fun week it was in the NFL! One undefeated was knocked off the throne, Dolphins head coach Dan Campbell earned his first win, Peyton Manning got booed, the Colts tried the most ridiculous play…possibly ever, the Seahawks can’t close out games, and we still don’t know what classifies a catch.

If you missed the play, check it out here.  Now I’ll be reasonable, the game is at a very high pace and it’s tough to get calls right, but there is no definitive rule on what is a catch.  Also, there’s instant replay, which was used for Tate’s catch, but even then the officials couldn’t get it right with technology.  I don’t want to hear the NFL will wait until the season concludes to get this figured out…I want them to fix this now and I think I speak for numerous NFL fans and players.

On a side note…I have Golden Tate on a fantasy team and I was happy he got the points, but my reality NFL far outweighs my fantasy football, and even though Tate got me points (in a matchup where I lost by 5 anyway) I was still furious.

I mentioned last week that I’d put teams in the playoffs after week six…and I didn’t lie:

The Broncos, Packers, Panthers, and Patriots escaped this week to remain undefeated. All are good teams, but all probably should’ve lost their week six matchups.  The Broncos and Packers have the weakest divisions to get through, so I’ll put them in now.  The Panthers and Patriots have to face the Falcons and Jets twice respectively, but despite possibly not winning their divisions (though not likely) I have to put them in as well.

The Bengals are for real. I’ve got them in the playoffs and I’ll even say Andy Dalton finally wins a playoff game.  I won’t say they’ll win the division just yet though, because I think the Steelers are going to be tough.

Speaking of the Steelers…4-2?…really? I don’t know how they’re doing it, and I’m wondering if it’s something they’re doing right or if their opposition is doing something terribly wrong in the second half of games.  The Cardinals should’ve destroyed the Steelers at Heinz Field, but they couldn’t score despite Carson Palmer throwing for 421 yards with John Brown on the receiving end of 196 of those yards.  Turnovers hurt the Cards, and so did Landry Jones.  If Jones doesn’t get the start this week over the ineffective Mike Vick…Steeler Nation may have a collective aneurism.  If Pittsburgh can win this week and get Big Ben back for Cincinnati in two weeks, things may get very interesting.

Overall, it was an exciting week for the NFL and the storylines are coming fast and furious each week which keeps guys and gals like me busy on Sunday and Monday nights. Week 7 begins at 9:30 ET, which means 14 hours of NFL football!


1280px-Major_League_Baseball.svgDaniel Murphy’s postseason to this point must mean he’s a $150-200 million player at season’s end. Seriously, his postseason numbers prove it, and guys with similar stats have gotten fat-stacks for doing it.  He is a free agent after this season, and I’m more than willing to bet he’ll ask for more than the $8 million he made for 2015.

Murphy, along with The Dark Knight and Thor, have helped their team to a 2-0 series lead over the Chicago Cubs in the NLCS. The Mets are absolutely riding on their young starting staff, but if it gets them to the World Series they won’t complain.  It’s going to be tough for Joe Maddon and the Cubs to bounce back from their 2-0 hole, but crazy things happen in the postseason, so never say never.

Unfortunately for me, the crazy series finale between the Blue Jays and Rangers in the ALDS is old news, or I’d talk about it for the next four or five paragraphs.  Luckily for you, three games have been played in the ALCS so I’ll stick with what’s current.

The Blue Jays are finally in the win column after a crazy Game 3 last night where they won 11-8.  The Toronto crowd was absolutely insane last night, and it helped when Tulo hit a three-run bomb off Johnny Cueto to put the Jays up 6-2 in the 3rd inning.  I literally got goose bumps when the crowd erupted.  It’s like they haven’t seen their team in the playoffs in the last 22 seasons…oh, right.

All in all, the postseason hasn’t disappointed and if it wasn’t for the NFL coinciding with the schedule, there would be tons of baseball talk. It just goes to show that unfortunately baseball is less and less becoming America’s favorite pastime.


1000px-NCAA_logo.svgYeah, yeah, Ohio State won.  I’m still waiting for them to face a good opponent before I acknowledge they’re the #1 team in the nation.  In back-to-back weeks they face Michigan State and Michigan on November 21st and 28th, until then, it’s the usual cruise control.

Do you like how I tied in Michigan State and Michigan there? My English professors should give me extra credit for that!  Anyways, there was a reason for that.  I don’t need to tell you about it, you just need to see it for yourself.  This isn’t the first special teams blunder by the Wolverines this season, it happened opening week at Utah as well.  To be fair, special teams helped them win against Oregon State, so it’s not all bad.  However, we could possibly be talking about Michigan being undefeated had it not been for the two “oops” this season.