AMADEUS AND POKEMON – Mewtwo Strikes Back!

We’re doing something a little different this week. Don’t worry, change is good sometimes. For instance, in AMADEUS, Mozart changed the way people view geniuses and the work they create. In POKEMON: THE FIRST MOVIE, Mewtwo changed the world… and then kind of didn’t change anything. The point is, the pressure finally caught up to me and I’m out of TV shows, so we’re watching two movies instead (one of which isn’t even on Netflix).

But if you are looking for new shows to binge, check out the latest two episodes here!

Episode 14 and Episode 13

AMADEUS – Dir. Milos Forman (1984) IMDb

AmadeusmovFollowing the life and death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart through the eyes of his rival composer Antonio Salieri, AMADEUS tells the story of what it takes to be great. The story begins long after Mozart’s death with Salieri being imprisoned in an insane asylum left to confess his sins to a priest. He recounts his experiences with the composer whom he grew to resent for being more famous and more talented than he. He explains the struggles he faced with his passion, morality, and religion until he is left an old, withered man in a building full of crazies.

Amadeus won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1985 along with wins for F. Murray Abraham as Salieri and Milos Forman for his direction. In all accounts, it is simply a classic film that has proven to withstand the test of time and continues to be admired and studied to this day. At just over three hours in length, you would think the film would drag and suffocate you with classical music, but that isn’t the case. The pacing is impeccable and the story is told in such a fashion that you seem to forget you’re watching a period piece from 30 years ago. The operas performed in stunning detail are really fascinating and intriguing. I can’t exactly say how much of the story is historically accurate, but for the sake of the film it doesn’t really matter. Every actor and actress brings their A-game for one of Forman’s most masterfully crafted pictures. You don’t have to be a fan of the time period, the music, or even the filmmakers to enjoy Amadeus. It’s a wonderful look into the life of someone we all know, but maybe know too little about.


Pokemon_the_First_MovieNow, before you start freaking out, this movie is not on Netflix. For a limited time you can stream this classic piece of animation by visiting Pokémon TV. I highly recommend it and not only because this was an integral part of my childhood. POKÉMON is a cultural phenomenon that crosses the globe. It all started with this movie. Okay, maybe it started with the video games. Or maybe the card game. Perhaps the TV show? It doesn’t matter; MEWTWO STRIKES BACK is a classic! It’s a wonderful story about the world’s most powerful Pokémon, looking to exact revenge on the people who abandoned him. All he wants is to free an enslaved race and wipe out their oppressors. How is he the bad guy?

Ash, Pikachu, and their sidekicks must battle the odds to escape Mewtwo’s “evil” plan and save their Pokémon friends. Honestly there isn’t much more to the movie, but Mewtwo has some really inspiring and motivating dialogue that is uncharacteristic of a Japanese children’s show. That being said, this is a great way to get excited for the new Pokémon games coming out later this year and it’s really your only opportunity to watch one of the many Pokémon movies. Luckily for you, this is the very best! Like no one ever was…

I’ll see myself out.