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The month of January is a big month for Hollywood with three award shows taking place throughout the month. The Golden Globes, People’s Choice, and Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) are all in the month of January and may be early signs for the Oscar favorites in February. Many of these movies and actors have garnered praise from critics and others had been massive box office successes. The first award show of the month was the Golden Globes. This has come and gone already, and the one thing that stuck out from this show, aside from Meryl Streep’s speech, was La La Land sweeping each category it was nominated for.

It’s that time of the year again. When the temperature drops, you dress up in costumes, eat and drink pumpkin flavored everything, and watch Halloween movies. With Halloween only a few short weeks away, why not watch some Grade-A movies. These movies are sure to remind you what Halloween is all about! Here are 10 of the best films to get you ready for the scariest holiday of the year! I should mention these are opinion based and feel free to discuss your favorites in the comments.

SUICIDE SQUAD is the newest installment of Warner Bros.’ DC Cinematic Universe and if you haven’t already noticed, people aren’t loving it. This news comes as a shock to few, yet a disappointment to many as the DCU continues to plunder in the eyes of critics and fans alike (though not the box office). Well, this reviewer is here to tell you… that I feel the same as the majority of others. Simply put, Suicide Squad is fun, but filled with problems that will ultimately leave a bad taste in your mouth.