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The month of February is shaping up to be a very impressive month for the video game industry. With solid releases throughout the month, gamers should expect some triple A game releases. Both Xbox and Playstation are having big name exclusives this month. Nintendo has a new console on the way that will shake up the competition as well.

The screen fades to black and out of it, the words, “More than 60 million soldiers fought in ‘The War to End All Wars’. It ended nothing.” This is how Battlefield 1 opens. These few words set the tone for the rest of the game. Right out of the gate you are reminded of the mass loss of life and the toll of war. Once the small introduction is over, you begin the campaign. Multiplayer will be touched on later, but the campaign comes first, as it should in this game.

This is the month of sports games, Madden a few short weeks ago, now NHL, NBA, and FIFA, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some other really good games out in September. With most triple-A games coming out in the approaching holiday months here are some games to hold you over until then. Now mind you as a lover of sports in general, I always love this time of year because of the start of the seasons, but the games make it even better, so let’s look at some of the upcoming titles that are very popular.